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The Detroit Tigers are currently a powerhouse member of the AL Central, but their history goes back well before there were multiple divisions. The Tigers were one of 8 original charter franchises of The American League in 1901 and they hold a very unique distinction: they are the oldest franchise that has had only one name and played out of only one city. Even teams like the Boston Red Sox once had different names (Red Stockings), but the Tigers have been consistent through and through.

The Detroit Tigers have made the most of all that time, winning 11 American League pennants over the years and turning those into 4 World Series victories. While many fans are familiar with the tiger as a logo, the distinctive "D" written in fancy calligraphy is even more widely known - and there are many variations of that on the uniform and on memorabilia.

That being said, the Tigers have also had their share of forgettable seasons - and they probably hope some American League team breaks their franchise's record for most losses in a season.

A Huge Part of Detroit's Heart
There's no question that Detroit is a city that has seen hard times and the manufacturing heyday of the sixties and seventies is probably long gone, but the Tigers have been there since the beginning of organized major league baseball in 1901 and well over 100 years later, they are still a proud part of the city tradition through thick and thin.

Competitive To All Rivals
While the Tigers don't have an obvious rival the way that the Red Sox and Yankees are rivals, they do have some regional competition with the Chicago White Sox and Cleveland Indians that can get pretty heated. If you're from around Detroit you know you are a Tigers fan for life!

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