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No Longer The New Kids On The Block

The Colorado Rockies may not get the press of the longer established Denver Broncos, but Rocky Mountain residents love their baseball and that means cheering for the home team.

Young History
The Rockies are a relatively young team. They joined the National League in 1993 as an expansion team, the same year the Florida Marlins joined the National League. There have been moments of glory, but as most young franchises realize, it takes time to become a consistent competitor, and while a few division titles have been up for grabs, the first few decades haven't had too many successes so far.

That never kept loyal fans of the Colorado Rockies from showing up and cheering and one special season that loyalty would be rewarded.

The Near "Miracle Run" of 2007
Going into the last month of 2007 the Rockies weren't a bad team, but they weren't a great one, either. Then started one of the greatest one month runs major league baseball had ever seen. The Rockies would win 21 of their last 22 games, blowing through the competition in the play-offs to claim their first National League Title.

Unfortunately the magic from that scrappy Rockies team was all tapped out and the Red Sox acted as the buzz saw in the World Series, sweeping the Rockies and ending their season without a World Series Title.

Loyal Now, Loyal To The End
Denver was a respected minor league home for baseball long before the Rockies, so it should come as no surprise that the fan support is constant and the team resilient. There's a lot to love about Coors Field and the atmosphere at every game - during the summer it is definitely worth a stop to check out the action and see what this year's team has to field!

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