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The Cleveland Indians have a long and storied history that even pre-dates the American League - of which they were one of the original charter members! This means that although a slew of minor league teams from the late 1800s can all talk about their influence on the modern franchise, this team still started out as one of the originals.

They went under the names of Broncos, Naps, Bluebirds, and Blues before finally settling on The Cleveland Indians in 1914, partially in reference to a Native American player who played with the team in the late 1800s when it was still a minor league franchise.

Struggles Until Bob Feller
Any Indians fan knows that the history of the team had a lot of struggle until a young superstar pitcher out of Iowa named Bob Feller came into the picture. This eventual Hall of Fame pitcher would be one of the best in baseball for over a decade, even capturing their first World Series in 1948.

A Lot of Slumps
The Cleveland fans stayed faithful, even through years and decades of slumps, and eventually would settle in as competitors of the AL East division until 1994 when baseball went to three divisions per league and they were moved into the Central.

The Major League Movies
You know you have had a rough time when at one point your team became so synonymous with futility that they were the team picked for a comedy sports screenplay. The "Loveable Losers" motif might have worked well for the movies but it probably didn't do much for fans hoping for a better team in real life.

The Indians are one of the most established teams in baseball and although their names might have changed early on, they have always been a part of Cleveland's sporting scene and there are plenty of fans looking for the best sports souvenirs the team has to offer!

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