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The Cincinnati Reds started out as a charter member of American Association baseball league in 1882, and they would play ball in that league until the entire league became part of the National League in 1890. 

The Reds are a team with quite a history and have delivered their fans 9 pennants and 5 World Series victories over their long history. From Johnny Vander Meer, the only pitcher to ever throw back to back no-hitters, to the Hall of Fame teams of the sixties and seventies with Johnny Bench & Pete Rose, to the late 1990's teams loaded with all stars, plenty of talent has put on a Reds uniform over the years. 

There's no question that Cincinnati Reds fans have had their fair share of trials, as well. The 2000s were not a good decade for the team, as they had a losing season almost every year and arguably the greatest Red to ever play, Pete Rose, was banished from the Hall of Fame after being found guilty of gambling on the game as a manager. 

Still Hope In The Future
A team that has been around in the National League as long as the Reds knows that although there will be down years, those will come and go - they're never totally out! Loyal fans continue to support the team regardless of the overall record and these fans can take comfort in the idea that throughout baseball's long history they've generally been doing better than Cleveland fans! 

There's a lot to like about the Reds, and no matter how many stadium moves or logo re-designs, this team truly is at the heart of the Cincinnati sports fan. They've been around longer than the National League and modern major league baseball - this team isn't leaving anytime soon!

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