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The Chicago White Sox might not get the love of their across town rivals, the Cubs, but they have a long and impressive history that can't be ignored. Originally called the Chicago White Stockings, they were founded in 1900 and were one of the original charter members of the American League. They have an impressive early history that also has its black mark.

The team won the World Series in 1907 on pitching and defense and were even nicknamed "The hitless wonders." They won the 1917 World Series with a team that featured a series of players who would have been sure Hall of Famers, including Shoeless Joe Jackson, except for the scandal of the 1919 World Series. Word got out that several of the players had worked with organized crime to fix some games and they were banned from baseball for life

The Chicago White Sox fans would stay loyal despite the hard times to follow. It would be 1959 before they would win another pennant and then all the way to 2005 before bringing home a World Series title to wash away the shadow and stain of the Black Sox era.

New Times, "New Field"
Although we all miss Comiskey Park, after 8 decades it was time to move on and as greats like Albert Belle and Frank Thomas (a sure future hall of fame player) brought their modern Sox teams to prominence and gave modern Sox fans plenty to cheer about.

Who doesn't want a piece of memorabilia from a team like the White Sox? Such a long and high quality history not only brings the past to life but always gives that promise of as stronger future. They might not have the national recognition of the Cubs, but White Sox fans are loyal through and through!

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