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 Is there any fan base more loyal or endlessly optimistic in the face of long-term adversity than Chicago Cubs fans? The Cubs are one of the two oldest professional sports teams in the United States, as they started with the original National League all the way back in 1876.

The Cubs were a powerhouse early on, winning 116 games in 1906, a win record that it took 95 years for another team to even tie (with more games played). That year ended with what would come to be known as Cubs luck as they finished off an incredible season like that by losing to their rivals, the across town Chicago White Sox. Fortunately, they won their first (and last) World Series two years later in 1908.

The Cubs are one of those rare teams that have a national following. You can find Cubs fans everywhere, and that's really amazing when you consider the incredible frustration the fans of this sports team have been through. Despite having amazing teams throughout the years, and many hall of fame caliber players, the Cubs have seen a lot of futility.

Well over a century has passed between their first World Series victory and the next one that fans are still waiting for. After the infamous "goat curse" of 1945 they haven't been back, despite players like Ryne Sandburg, Greg Maddux, Ernie Banks, Sammy Sosa, and others.

Chicago Cubs fans remain optimistic every season, and despite experiencing so many heartbreaks, they keep coming back and cheering some more. No team has such a national following, and there is always a strong demand for popular Cubs memorabilia, because who doesn't like the ultimate underdog?

Win or lose, Cubs fans have proven no sized drought will keep them from supporting their favorite hometown team!

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