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The Baltimore Orioles were one of the American League's 8 chapters when the league was fully established in 1901. The franchise actually spent it's first year as The Brewers in Milwaukee before moving to St Louis in order to become the St. Louis Browns. After 50+ years in St. Louis, they were purchased and moved to Baltimore. It was at this time where they adopted the name Orioles which is the official state bird of Maryland. 

The Orioles are well known in the baseball world. For one, they have a stadium that is known to have changed the way modern stadiums were built - Camden Yards. Also, they had some of the most iconic sports figures to ever play the game including Cal Ripken Jr. and Frank Robinson. 

The 1960's were known as the "Glory Years" for the Orioles franchise when the Orioles farm system produced an astounding amount of high quality players which laid the very foundation that led to almost 2 full decades of success and in some cases - dominance. 

The Orioles have won 3 World Series in their lifespan, along with 7 American League pennants and 9 East division titles. They are well known for having the iconic Oriole bird as their logo and Orioles fans across the United States can be heard screaming 'O' during the National Anthem. 

While the Orioles experienced over a decade of losing, they have returned to relevance with full force. In 2012, they made a historic run to the playoffs, finishing in second place in the division with 93 wins. They continue with the same core to this day that led them there including manager Buck Showalter and General Manager Dan Duquette. Baltimore is a baseball town and it's fans are wearing the black and orange Baltimore Orioles baseball bird with pride again these days.

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