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The Arizona Diamonbacks are an American baseball franchise based out of Phoenix. They are currently a member of the National League West division and play their home games at Chase Field in Phoenix. Arizona was actually awarded a franchise during the 1995 season and the team was eligible to start playing for the 1998 season. Since they have come into the league, the Arizona Diamondbacks have actually won 5 different National League West titles, one National League Championship, and 1 World Series Championship.

 You would not have a hard time recognizing a Diamondbacks logo which is now red, sand, and black. When they initially came into the league they wore purple, teal, black, and copper.

 Arizona Diamondbacks, while having a short history, have some incredibly recognizable and iconic players. For one, they have one of the greatest pitchers of all time in Randy Johnson who actually led the team to their only World Series win. Also, they have Luis Gonzalez who hit over 220 home runs throughout his major league career. They also had Curt Schilling playing with Randy Johnson during the World Series run who is one of the greatest pitchers of all time. Lastly, they have one of the greatest modern day players in Paul Goldschmidt who is badly underrated.

 The Arizona Diamonbacks are one of the newer teams to the MLB and yet they already have accomplished more than some of the teams that have been in the league for years and years. They are an excellent franchise that is committed to winning. They also have a very passionate fan base that shows up to the stadium year in and year out. Chase Field is known as a hitters park so it makes for some entertaining offensive showcases. It is easy to see why someone would want to support the Diamondbacks.

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